Kids love to make a mess and play with food. It's fun. It's instinctive and it's part of their exploration of the world around them. When I create a fun environment for your little one you can be certain some memorable and magical moments will happen right before our eyes, resulting in some amazing photos of your baby's biggest milestone yet!



I like to start my cake smash sessions with a pull back shot of the entire set up BEFORE the baby is even in the frame. I'll capture the  cake, the decor, the tiny details that went in to creating your little one's custom set up. I capture the perfection before the mess! 

After those couple of quick shots, the focus is no longer on the decor and 100% on baby! I will start off with some non-messy portraits. 

Parents, you are on baby chasing duty while I'm on camera duty! You'll bring baby back to the set if he/she crawls or walks away. 



2After all the messy action we move onto the cleanup part. I swear this is every baby's favorite part more than the cake! 

There is a small tub filled with enough luke warm water to cover baby's legs. While I'm preparing the tub, mom and dad will wipe baby's face and arms and change baby into a swim diaper (provided).

A gentle, tear-free, baby soap is used (unless otherwise specified due to skin sensitivity).

We splash and have fun again!



Now for the part we've all been waiting for! Now we bring out the cake. I will ask parents to hold baby while I grab the cake and place it on the set up.

I always recommend to let baby taste and feel the texture of cake a couple weeks before our session together. 

Usually, I'll let baby play, smash, and eat cake for awhile. When they get bored I'll bring out the weapon (the wooden spoon) to bash the fun out of it.

Sometimes I'll hide some tiny snacks (cheerios, baby fruit drops, etc) in the part of the cake facing them to get their little fingers really exploring to ensure we get some really great portraits!


When you book a cake smash with NRP you will receive a questionnaire asking about theme ideas, color schemes, any allergies, special items or props you want to include and then the creativity begins.



From your questionnaire answers I will carefully plan a custom set-up, outfit, and included props and accessories for the day. 

I do offer a range of different props and clothing for boys and girls. You are more than welcome to bring along some special items, like personalized t-shirts and tops of child's name that you would like to use.

There are also options for balloons, bunting, and other decorations to be used in the set up. The styling can be as lush or as simple as you wish.



All smashes include a custom cake. I ask that parents be very detailed if there are ANY allergies I need to let my baker be aware of. 

Cakes normally include buttercream icing and are 6 to 8 inches in diameter. They are decorated to match the set up, but I do avoid brown, red, and black icing because they can look unsightly (think poop and bloody). 

Just a reminder: Most little one's wouldn't have had cake-y texture items yet so let your bubs have a taste and feel a few weeks or days before our session.

If we can't use cake due to allergies or personal reason we can always go for alternative options like fruit or paint splash. Anything that entertains and is fun will work!

$400 | Hands off the cake

  • Up to 1 hour of photography

  • fully customized set up with matching props, cake, and accessories.

  • one outfit change

  • private online gallery

  • your choice of 15 fully edited hi resolution images

  • after smash splash set up

$350 | Mess Maker

  • Up to 1 hour of photography

  • fully customized set up with matching props, cake, and accessories.

  • one outfit change

  • private online gallery

  • your choice of 10 fully edited hi resolution images

$250 | Tiny Smasher

  • Up to 1 hour of photography

  • simple set up with cake

  • one outfit only

  • private online gallery

  • your choice of 5 fully edited hi resolution images


  • Additional images - $15 each

  • Full gallery upgrade - quote given upon gallery delivery

  • Add splash set up (tiny smasher only) - $50

To Book Your Baby's Cake Smash
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