Spring Tulips Guide

You've just booked your session with Nikki Rinc Photography, and you're super excited (as am I). But you're probably wondering: "what's next?" This guide will help walk you through the steps you need to prepare for your photography session with me, Nikki. I'll go over everything from wardrobe to how to get the kids ready. I'm so excited to work with you and your family. If you have any questions along the way, please just let me know. I love to help!

Wardrobe: "What will we wear?"

I am asked this for about 99% of sessions. I am here to help! For this particular session, styling is full of spring vibes. This session is all about the changing of the seasons and with it your growing little one(s), think cool, pastel vibes! Don't forget this is a GUIDE to help you. You are not restricted to the suggestions below!! 


For boys:

Color - sand, gray, white, blue, brown

I'll never say no to a sweet bowtie or pair of suspenders

Sperry's or even barefoot

For girls:

Color - Ivory, white, blush, dusty blue, pale yellow

Boho style flow-y dresses, big floppy hats

Sandals (not flip flops) or barefoot

Things to avoid:

giant logos, patterns, or prints that can distract from the subject.

neon colors

matchy-matchy. Try coordinating instead so siblings complement each other instead of wash each other out.

Places to shop:

Old Navy, Gap, Carter's, Target, Children's Place, Janie & Jack, Dollcake, My Little Jules. I've even found some amazing dresses and outfits on Amazon.

What to expect: "What will our session be like?"

My main focus for this session will be to capture your little one and their sweet personality. We will giggle, smile, whisper silly things, and light up the world! 

For clients with more than one little one, we will capture them all together. We don't want anyone feeling left out! Sessions will last approximately 10 to 15 minutes each. 

The week before:

How do I prep the kiddos?:


The week or two before your session, start bringing me up in conversation. You can refer to me as Miss Nikki, Nikki, or even just the photographer lady. Tell your kids about the fun adventure we'll be having. I am totally not above bribery. A fun ice cream date after our session is always a big hit. Just make sure you let the kids know we're going to have fun! If they get worried about behaving perfectly then it will show in the images. I love taking time to connect with your kids to get those fun images of them.

Need help? Just ask:

I am here to help in any way that you may need, from helping with wardrobe choices, or deciding between whether or not to bring your child's lovey. I want to make this session awesome for you, and I love getting involved in all the details. So if you have a question about anything, please don't hesitate to ask. You can email, text (352-225-1503), or send a Facebook message.

Session Day: "It's finally here!"

Things to remember:

  • Have fun! This is so important that you and your kids enjoy this experience because it will show up in your photos if someone just isn't having it. 

  • Bring wipes, snacks, a favorite toy, and change of clothes for each child participating so the drive home is comfy. 

  • Don't stress: if your kids are nervous or acting a little wild, that's totally OK! I embrace children in every aspect of themselves. We're focusing on moments, so a shy kiddo can get extra snuggles and a wildling can have extra tickle time. It's all about those real life moments. 

  • Bring snacks, water, a blanket, jackets/cardigans (if it's cold), more water and snacks, and extra change of clothes in case someone gets messy for the car ride home. 

  • Have fun and don't stress!

  • Put my number 352-225-1503 in your phone if you have any questions or need help finding the location of 7515 SW 26th Place, Gainesville, Florida 32608. You can park in the driveway, but please try not to block other cars. You will see my assistant in the driveway and she will check you in and show you the way.

After the session: "How long do we have to wait to see our photos?"

That is a great question! I take great care to go over all of your images and pick out the perfect moments. When I get home from our session, I immediately back up your images so they are safe. Also, I don't delete the images from my memory card until after I have edited your pictures. Once they are safely backed up, I edit one or two for a sneak peek. These will be posted on my facebook page in the day or two following our session. My turn around time for your viewing gallery is between 7 to 10 days. You will receive your password protected viewing gallery in your e-mail with instructions on how to view and select your choices. Once you have made your selections, I will send you the link and you are free to download, print, and share your images

Final thoughts:

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your session start time fully dressed and ready to start.


You will check in with my assistant, Emma, and she will alert me that it is your turn. 

Want to see the mood board that helped inspire me for this session? Click here: https://www.pinterest.com/nicoleee_xoxo/spring-tulips/

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