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What if 18 years fly by faster than you thought, and before you know it all you’ve got are some cell phone snapshots? What if weeks turn into months turn into years, and you’re left struggling to remember the days when your baby used to fit in your arms?

My annual Mommy + Me sessions are back and they are much different than years previous. This year they will not be prop heavy. They will be quick and intimate sessions celebrating the special bond between a mother and her child(ren). A mother has an incredibly important job of fostering the growth of her children. Motherhood can be difficult.

It is never an instant gratification. Whether your struggling with a squirmy baby to change a diaper, listening to a child tell a story (that never ends), or listening to constant whining, it can get overwhelming.

But, I want these sessions to celebrate all those moments and the sweet ones in-between of stolen kisses and heartfelt hugs. I want you to feel so loved and celebrated and realize how their little hearts are thankful for you. I want you to know that no matter what season you are in, you are doing enough, and you are loved and appreciated.

For 10 to 15 minutes we will capture and appreciate the stages your child(ren) are in. I know for me, the thought of my girls growing up and moving off makes me want to burst into tears! During your session we will milk those extra moments for all it's worth and squeeze them a little longer!

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